Moss Removal Roof Cleaning

Moss Removal Roof Cleaning

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Professional moss removal roof cleaning starts and ends with the right techniques and products. At Blue Valley Window Cleaning we not only have been professionally trained in the proper techniques, we also use the best products on the market.

Moss and algae stains are most common on the North facing peaks and slopes of your roof. Here in the Lower Mainland the heavy amount of rain coupled with the warm climate are the perfect conditions for moss and algae to grow almost anywhere.

Moss holds moisture to your roof as well as undermines and deteriorates your roofing thus causing damage. Algae is also potentially damaging to your roof shortening its life span.

At Blue Valley Window Cleaning we use a brush and spray method to treat your roof. This system prevents damage to your roof and the products we use gently remove moss and algae from your roof over time. The advantage of using this system is that we DO NOT pressure wash your roof or damage it while brushing.

Please watch this video which emphasizes the importance of having your roof professionally treated.